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  • 💾 Palaeogenomic data is routinely shared on public databases
  • 🏷️ Metadata? Not so good…

The MInAS project aims to develop standardised metadata reporting schemes of ancient DNA samples and sequencing data via community-based consensus and training.

This project builds from and interacts with the Genomics Standards Consortium's (GSC) MIxS project.

See the project proposal submitted to the GSC for further context and motivations behind the project. For the planned phases of the project, see Project Phases. To see the latest drafts, please see the respective Draft page.

🤝 We are activately looking for other palaeogenomic communities and groups to get involved with the project - please get in contact if you are interested.

The MInAS project was originally spearheaded by the SPAAM Community, however we are in the process of extending to all areas of palaeogenomics.

If you're interested in getting involved in the project, please see Get Involved.

For more information, see our communication channels in Get Involved or Contact.